Seethakanda Ancient Monastery at Monaragala (මොනරාගල සීතාකන්ද ආරාමය)

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Seethakanda (Sitakanda, Seetakanda, Sithakanda) aranya is located in the district of Monaragala and is believed to be dating back to time of Polonnaruwa Period (1017-1236 AD). The area is scattered with ancient ruins indicating that this was a once populated Aramaic complex.

Currently, there is a small temple is built in two ledged rock caves. Rubber has been planted on the land in front of the temple destroying most of the ruins in the complex. There is a foundation of an ancient square building. Its about 25 meters in length. Granite steps, door frames and many other parts of the building can be seen scattered around this foundation.

On the second cave you can see may artifacts found on the Aramaic ground while cleaning the area. These include two conch shells (Hakgedi) where two small buddha statues, gems and gold deposited inside them.

This whole are is covered with rock boulders and cold steams which has given rise to the name “Seethakanda”. It is also said in folklore that these streams were used by the princes and princesses of the region as a bathing spot.

Primary Source : Pauranika Sidhastana by Sudarma Kumari

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Travel Directions to Seethakanda Ancient Monastery

The temple lies about 2 km away from the Monaragala town on the road leading to Kumarawattha from the town. This road lies next to the main bus stand of Monaragala.

Route from Buttala to Seethakanda Ancient Monastery
Through : Monaragala
Distance : 19 km
Travel time : 20 minutes.
Driving directions : see on google map


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