Silumina Seya at Aralaganwila – අරලගංවිල වනයේ සැඟවුනු සිළුමින සෑය

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As you travel past Aralaganwila, you will come across a gravel road witch leads to the Aralaganwila Reservoir. Before reaching the reservoir you will find the Silumina Seya archeological site in the middle of this jungle. There are no visible  directions to this site therefore a GPS map will be your only guide. If you pass the turn off to this site, you will end-up at the picturesque Aralaganwila Reservoir which is not bad either.

The main attraction of the site is the Silumina Seya stupa which lies on an elevated square pedestal. The importance  of this site in the middle of the jungle is that the largest “Gal Chatraya” also known as “Chatra Gala” or “Gal Kude” (Stone Umbrella) recovered in Sri Lanka.These were used as the pinnacle of earliest stupas built in the country.

This large Chatra Gala can be seen today on the side of the preserved stupa. Near it is the granite pillar (Yupa Kanuwa) which held the Chatra Gala broken in to 3 pieces. There are parts of 2 other Chatra Gal in the same area. parts of 2 more Yupa Kanu which supported these stone umbrellas.

According to the archaeology board at the site this stupa has been renovated by king Agbo VIII (804-815).

The Silumini Seya premi was probably an large monastery at its peak considering the large amount of pillars found in the jungles surrounding the stupa. These pillars are much larger in size and height  compared to pillars found in similar sites. The buildings which would have been supported by these gigantic pillars would have been large.

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Map of Silumina Seya at Aralaganwila

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Travel Directions to Silumina Seya at Aralaganwila

Route from Polonnaruwa to Silumina Seya at Aralaganwila

Distance :  29 km
Travel time : 50 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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