Uduwara Shailatharama Maha Viharaya in Kalutara – උඩුවර ශෛලතලාරාම මහා විහාරය

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Uduwara Shailatharama Maha Viharaya

Uduwara Shailatharama Maha Viharaya

Uduwara Shailatharama Maha Viharayaya has been  established in 2434 BE (1890 CE). The building, which houses the Buddha image had been built in 1901, The temple had been known as the “Punch Kelaniya” in the past and had been popular pilgrim destination in the past. In a time of there were no roads and bridges across Kaluganaga, the devotees would have traveled on bullock carts and crossed the Kalu Ganga on ferries to reach the temple.

The paintings on the image house is similar to that of paintings at Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya. The sittaras of these paintings have been Solias Mendis , the same artist of Kalaniya and M Sarlis,  one of his students.

It was reported in 2011  that these paintings were deteriorating due to lack of maintenance of the buildings.

walking across the temple through its back yard, you can reach the Kalu Ganga. Granite stairs have been built from the surface to the river bottom. Rock pillars have been laid with “L” shaped wall about 30m long parallel to the river. This location has been used as a bathing place by Buddhist monks of the temple and it is also as old as the temple.

A earth/concrete bund as a flood management plan for Kalutara river  has been proposed and if this bunt is built, this granite steps will be lost.

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Route from Colombo  to Uduwara Shailatharama Maha Viharaya

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