Losing Heritage of Uruthirapuram Buddhist Ruins in Kilinochchi

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Uruthirapuram is village which lies in the area knowns as Sivanagar in Karachchi the Divisional Secretariat in Kilinochchi District. In 1956 while cutting a road to an ancient reservoir at Uruthirapuram, this stupa mound has been discovered. Then the archaeological commissioner, P. E. P. Deraniyagala has published this site in the 1958 archaeology commissioners report. According to it, it has been reported that that an ancient stupa has been destroyed in Uruthirapuram in Northern Province. The stupa has been identified during clearing the land to build a road to the Uruthirapuram Wewa. Construction of the road was immediately stopped. Few stone pillars too were discovered near the stupa mound. A modern Kovil is under construction. Few clay items with a lions head and ancient coins has been discovered when the foundations of the new kovil is being cut. It is possible that these are from a ancient Devale.

Even though the ruins were recorded in 1956, this site was declared as an archaeological site only in 2016, 60 years later. In 2021, it was decided to conserve these ancient ruins. However when the officers from the archaeological department arrived at the site, the pusari and the villagers had refused access to the site claimed to be provoked by the TNA. Ultimately police had be called and the conservation work had be postponed.

The current status of the these ruins are unknown and the future of these ancient heritage looks bleak.


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Travel Directions to Uruthirapuram Buddhist Ruins in Kilinochchi

Route from Kilinochchi to Uruthirapuram Buddhist Ruins
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Distance :12 km
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