Vavunikulama Reservoir – වවුනිකුලම වැව

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Vavunikulama Reservoir is located about 40 km’s north-west to Vavunia town. The only reference to this tank is during the King Dutugemunu’s period where he found four large gem stones by the tank

In a northerly direction from the city, at a distance of seven yojanas, in a cave opening on the Pelivapikagama tank, above on the sand, four splendid gems had formed in size like to a small mill-stone, in colour like flax-flowers, (radiantly) beautiful. When a hunter with his dogs saw these he came to the king and told him: `I have seen precious stones of such and such a kind.’

H. Parker How was a irrigation engineer in late 1800’s believes the original name of this tank is Peli Vapi and according to him as ‘the name, the distance from the city, and the reference to a stream with sand-banks render the identification certain, there being no other reservoir on the river, and no other stream with sandbanks at that distance north of Anuradhapura’.

He also believes that this reservoir was built in the 3rd century BC as King Dutugemunu reigned in 161-131 BC and before that the Anuradhapura Kingdom was run by a Tamil invader named Elara who ruled between 205-161 BC. Therefore this tank would have been built before the time of Elara.

According to his report when the reservoir was full the water covered an extent of 1975 acres, and the tank then had a capacity of 596 million cubic feet. The embankment is 13,350 feet or 2.5 miles (4 km) long. The embankment is built in a straight line across the river for 2.5 km and then it curves outward to encompass a another shallow valley. Based on the flood escape the height of water would have been 18 feet and the crest is 8 feet higher than the flood escape.

Source : H. Parker - Ancient Ceylon (1909)
Source : H. Parker – Ancient Ceylon (1909)

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Traveling to Directions to Vavunikulama


Route from Vavunia to Vavunikulama Reservoir

Through : Sooriyawewa
Distance : 65 km
Travel time :1.30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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