Veddagala Monastery Ruins – අක්කරපත්තුව වැද්දාගල ආරාම නටබුන්

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Veddagala, a rock scattered mountain near the legendary Mullikulamalai monastery was once a refuge to the meditating monks, but having being a hideout of LTTE terrorists for the last thirty years Veddagala (Vaddagala, Weddagala, Waddagala)  stands alone today competing with the other mountains to rule the view.

Reminiscent of two people in embrace, Veddagala is dotted with drip ledged caves built to house the meditating monks, and inscriptions inside detail the donator and occasion. The rock plateau on the peak affords a stunning view of the surrounding with lushes paddy fields, reservoirs and ruined temple and is the main attraction of veddagala today.

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Map of the Veddagala Monastery Ruins

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Traveling Directions to the Veddagala Monastery Ruins

Route from Akkaraipattu to Veddagala Monastery Ruins

Through : Akkarapattu – Kalmune road
Distance : 10 km
Travel time : 20 mins
Driving directions : see on google maps


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