Beliatta Walawela Ambalama

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බෙලිඅත්ත වලවෙල අම්බලම - Beliatta Walawela Ambalama
බෙලිඅත්ත වලවෙල අම්බලම
ඡයාරූපය : Alpha Sri

In ancient times people moved by foot or by carts. Pilgrimages and travel between villages took days and required places ටො rest or sleep the nights. The Ambalama originated to satisfy these needs of the common people and they were built around the most commonly used roads. Generally Ambalam was build at a location which could facilitate the needs of a weary traveller  such as near a well or a stream.

At the same time, the Ambalam became a hub for the people of the village. Often these buildings were built either under royal patronage or with the patronage of local elites. Therefore the size and the artistry of the ambalama varied and depended on the benefactor of the building.

Walawela Ambalama is located in Beliatta – Hakmana road. Traveling along this road 3km from Beliatta you will encounter Godawela Junction.  A large Bo tree is found at this junction. A small temple has been attached to this Bo tree. The Ambalama is located sandwiched between a large paddy field and this temple. If you are coming from Hakmana you have travel about  8.5km to Godawela junction.

Walawela Ambalama is a fairly large rectangular building. It has a fairly wide verandah. The entrance to the building is located in the middle. A ledge has been built along the  entire length of the verandah for seating. There is ledge along the length of the inner wall inside the building as well. and inner wall.

One of the more interesting features of the Ambalama stone the water tank which is decorated with carvings on the sides. This tank is square from outside with a circular hollow. Among the engravings you will find the year 1895 cut in the rock. Therefore it can be assumed that this ambalama was built in 1895.

About 100 meters from the ambalama towards Beliatta, there is a strange notice board near a coconut estate. Reflecting on the nobleness of the former Sinhalese, the board says, ” Travellers enter here and quench your thirst with young coconuts.”  It also has the  date of  January 1, 1928. The present board is not so ancient, and it is possible that this alms-giving had taken place here since 1928. It is said that this coconut estate had short coconut trees which the coconuts could be plucked standing on the ground. It is said that this was for the cartsmen who stopped at the Walawela Ambalama to rest.

බෙලිඅත්ත වලවෙල අම්බලම - Beliatta Walawela Ambalama
බෙලිඅත්ත වලවෙල අම්බලම අසල ඇති කැටයම් ඇති ගලෙන් කෙටූ ජල ටැංකිය.
ඡයාරූපය : Alpha Sri
බෙලිඅත්ත වලවෙල අම්බලම - Beliatta Walawela Ambalama
බෙලිඅත්ත වලවෙල අම්බලම අසල ඇති “මගීන් මෙහි පැමිණ වෑ වර කඩාගෙන බී පිපාසය සංසිදුවා ගනු මැනවි” පුවරුව

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Travel Directions of Beliatta Walawela Ambalama

From Matara to Beliatta Walawela Ambalama
Though : Thihagoda Ambalalama
Distance : 32 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Time to Spend : about 45 minutes
Driving directions : see on Google Map