Weeraketiya Seegala Purana Tampita Viharaya – වීරකැටිය සීගල පුරාණ ටැම්පිට විහාරය

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Seegala Purana Viharaya is an ancient temple close to Weeraketiya on the Weeraketiya – Walasmulla road. The Tampita viharaya within the temple was declared as a protected archaeological monument by the gazette dated 6th June 2008.

A Tampita Viharaya is a structure built on a wooden platform which rests on number of stone stumps usually 3-4 feet tall. The roof is held by a structure built of timber and the walls are generally made of wattle and daub and the inner walls are generally covered with frescoes drawn mainly in Kandyan style.


Seegala Tampita Viharaya is built on 16 short rock pillars. There is no outer circumambulating path. The roof is built in two levels and uses flat clay tiles popular during the kandyan kingdom. A small but tall Hevisi Mandapa has been built in front of the temple. Four large granite pillars hold the roof this mandapa.

Although two guardian deities are seen beside the main entrance of most such ancient Buddhist buildings, here you will see only Bas-relief outlines of two stupas on the white walls of the building. Once you enter from the main door you will find a inner circumambulating path around the inner chamber. This path is lit by two small windows. Various frescos have adorned the inner as well as the outer walls around this path but unfortunately these have been destroyed except for few places where they have been preserved.

The entrance to the inner chamber is through another door surrounded by a Dragon Arch (Makara Thorana). The door is decorated with a drawing of a Narilatha flower drawn using seven female figures. Inside this chamber you will find a serene seated Buddha statue at the center and smaller paintings of the two agra shrawaka Sariyuth and Mugalan theros on the two sides. Two standing Buddha statues are found on the two sidewalls. Along with the other artwork figures of Saman and Vishnu are drawn on one wall and a image of what is believed to be the “Sapugoda Nilame”, a local chieftain.

Its said that the name Seegala has been derived from “Wandina Siri Pathula Gala” (වඳින සිරි පතුල් ගල). The temple is believed to be built by a local chieftain called “Sapugoda Nilame” with a painting of him can be seen as mentioned above. A chapter house along with the boundary stones which has been built around 1753 can be seen close to the Tampita Viharaya. The art in the Tampita Viharaya is believed to be drawn by “Kapugama Chandrakiththi Gurunnanse” and shows close resemblance to the artwork in Mulkirigala.

From Weeraketiya junction take road towards Walasmulla. Traveling 1km down this road you will reach Buddiyagama junction. From here turn right towards Udukiriwala Reservoir. Travel 650 meters to the end of this road and the Seegala Tampita Viharaya lies on the edge of the reservoir.

Alternate names : Seehala Tampita Viharaya

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Traveling to Weeraketiya Seegala Purana Tampita Viharaya

Route from Matara to Weeraketiya Seegala Purana Tampita Viharaya

Distance : 48 km
Travel time : 1.30 hours
Time to spend : 20- 30 mins
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