Weheragala Reservoir and Archeological Ruins (වෙහෙරගල වැව හා පුරා විද්‍යා ස්මාරක)

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The idea of the Weheragala Reservoir was born when the Lunugamvehera  Reservoir failed to live up to the expectation of providing adequate water for the farming community of the South. The Lunugamvehera  Reservoir was built by daming the Kirindi Oya at Lunugamvehera in 1985 to provide water to the farmers of the south. But this proved inadequate for the new colonies which was settled to engage in cultivation in the area.

The Weheragala Reservoir was built in 2009 by damming the Menik Ganga at Weheragala to store and divert the excess water of Menik Ganga to Lunugamvehera Reservoir to supplement the water collected from Kirindi Oya.

The Reservoir is situated in the block 5 of the Yala National Park boarding the Lunugamvehera National Park. The Reservoir covers 3500 acres and and can hold 75 million cubic meters of water.  The dam is 2 km in length, 23 meters in height and 18 meters wide.  A 23 kilometer canal from the Weheragala takes the water from Menik Ganga to Lunugamvehera Reservoir.

A unique feature of this canal is that after 3.5 kilometers, it goes underground and surfaces after about 250 meters to avoid overlapping of other water sources. Then, the canal travels a further 13.8 km to join a natural canal at the point called Sittaram Palama (bridge). This natural canal carries the water to the Lunugamvehera Reservoir.

Water collected at the Weheragala reservoir also feeds about 5 waterholes in the park creating a ideal enviorenment for the wildlife in Yala Block 5 and Lunugamvehera National Park.

Few Buddhist archeology sites around the Weheragala too has been conserved with the development of the Tank.

The entrance to Weheragala is from Gal-Ge on Sella Kataragama – Buttala Road. There is a bungalow maintained by the wildlife department by the tank which can accommodate 10 people. The cost is Rs 10,000 + charges (which comes to around Rs 14,000 net)  per night. Booking needs to be done at the Department of Wildlife Conservation in Colombo.

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Map of  Weheragala Reservoir and Archeological Ruins 

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Travel Directions to Weheragala Reservoir

Route from Colombo to Weheragala Reservoir
Through : Ratnapura – Pelmadulla – Udawalawe – Thanamalwila – Kataragama
Distance : 265 km
Travel time : 6 hours.
Driving directions : see on google map

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