Wewalthalawa Plateau of Halgolla Tea Estate – වේවැල්තලාව තැන්න

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Wewalthalawa Plateau
Wewalthalawa Plateau
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

For those who visit Olu Ella in Yatiyanthota, a good diversion is the Wewalthalawa (Wewiyathalawa) plateau belonging to the Halgolla Tea Estate. Wewalthalawa lies in the center of a ring of mountains like a bottom of a basin. This is also the area which receives the 2nd highest rainfall in Sri Lanka.

Wewalthalawa is part of the Halgolla Tea Estate and the top of Wewalthalawa is covered in Lush Tea bushes all around as if a velvet has been spread over the whole area.

The  road to Wewalthalawa starts from the Halgolla Tea Factory on the Yatiyanthota – Seepoth road a little before Olu Ella. The factory used to issues a ticket for each vehicle to cover the cost of maintaining this road. But unfortunately now you need to obtain prior permission to visit the Plateau else you will be turned back at the entrance. If you plan to hike to the ITN tower, then you need to get additional permission form ITN head office.

The route is a narrow winding and a steep road which is maintained reasonably well. The road will take you through alternating tea fields  and patches of virgin forests hugging top of ridges proving gorgeous scenery as well as cooler temperatures and fresh breezes that make for a welcome break from hot, humid lowland weather.

Halfway on the winding narrow road which leads to Wewalthalawa is vertical rock named the Dripping Rock for that a small stream of water at the top of the rock falls over the vertical face of the rock producing a eternal shower at the bottom. 

Going under this rock, one can experience the icy cold drops of water prickling through your skin. It is said that the water drips throughout the year.  It is advised to travel in a 4 wheel drive or at-least on a vehicle with a powerful engine and high ground clearance,

Wewalthalawa plateau is almost flat with few buildings including a school and the rest covered in tea. On the highest mountain that which the plateau is made of, lies the ITN transmission station of Yatiyanthota. You vsn travel up to the station entrance which is another 5 km uphill drive. The road is in a bad state with no repairs and you would need a powerful 4 wheel drive vehicle to complete this segment.

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Map of  Wewalthalawa Plateau at Halgolla Tea Estate

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Travel Directions to Wewalthalawa Plateau of Halgolla Tea Estate

Route from Yatiyanthota up to Halgolla Tea Estate
Distance : 15 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Driving directions : See on Google Maps. The estate road up to Wewalthalawa is not marked on the google map. Add another 30 minutes to this part.

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