Yakarawatta Purana Siddha Pattini Tampita Devalaya – යාකරවත්ත පුරාණ සිද්ධ පත්තිනි ටැම්පිට දේවාලය

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Yakarawatta Purana Siddha Pattini Tampita Devalaya is one of the oldest and respected Pattini Devalaya in the Sathkoralaya (Kurunegala District). This devalaya lies at the Yakarawatta village in the Kuliyapitiya West PS division.

According to legend, Yakarawatta Devalaya is over 500 years old. When a cluster of villages around Yakarawatta was experiencing frequent infectious diseases and difficulties in raising children, a group of villagers had gone to the Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya and had received a golden anklet of Pattini and a golden mango. They had brought these two relics and kept them on a Kebella tree log at this location and performed the necessary rituals.

Thereafter the villagers had built a Tampita Devalaya surrounding the log on top of six granite pillars. There is an old anthill underneath the Tampita Devalaya which has been in existence for 100s of years. It is said that this ant hill was built surrounding the original log and a white cobra living in the anthill provides protection to the devalaya.

The Tampita Devalaya initially had been roofed with weaved dry coconut leaves. But today its covered in corrugated sheets and the another roof has been built over the whole structure to protect it from elements.

Yakarawatta Pattini Devalaya lies between Madampe and Narammala. To reach the devalaya from Madampe, travel 30 km towards Narammala to reach the Yakarawatta Devala Road on the left. This road lies 5 km past Kuliyapitiya. The devalaya lies 500 meters down this road. The distance to the devalaya from Narammala is 15 kms.

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Map of the Yakarawatta Purana Siddha Pattini Tampita Devalaya

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Driving Directions to Yakarawatta Purana Siddha Pattini Tampita Devalaya

Route from Madampe to Yakarawatta Purana Siddha Pattini Tampita Devalaya

Though : Dummalasuriya – Kuliyapitiya
distance : 31 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Time to spend : 20 – 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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