Lunukadawella Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya – ලුණුකඩවැල්ල ටැම්පිට රජමහා විහාරය

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Lunukadawella Rajamaha Viharaya is a Buddhist temple with an ancient Tampita Viharaya lying in Rikillagamuwa, Wellawa in Kurunegala district. Lunukadawella lies on the banks of Deduru Oya and it is said that a type of fish called Lunukada was abundant in this area thus this area was named Lunukadawella.

According to legend Prince Gemunu on his march to Vijithapura to attack Elara’s last stronghold had rested with his army at Lunukadawella and it is said that this temple was built by him for his soldiers to perform Buddhist rituals.

The Tampita Viharaya at the temple belongs to the Kandyan era. A Tampita Viharaya is a structure built on a wooden platform which rests on number of stone stumps usually 3-4 feet tall. The roof is held by a structure built of timber and the walls are generally made of wattle and daub.

The Tampita Viharaya at the Lunukadawella Rajamaha Viharaya is built upon 7 large granite pillars. Unfortunately this structure has been renovated with no concern to antiquity of the building. The wooden beams which lie across the pillars have been replaced with concrete beams and the image house too has been renovated to give a new look.

To reach the temple from Kurunegala, travel 2 km on the Dambulla road and turn on to the Hiripitiya road. Travel 7 km on this road to reach Wellawa and turn on to the Budanapitiya Road and travel past the Hiripitiya Government Hospital. Travel 4.2 along this route passing Rikillagamuwa (follow the notice boards to the temple along the way) to reach the temple.

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Map of the Lunukadawella Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya

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Driving Directions to Lunukadawella Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya

Route from Kurunegala to Lunukadawella Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya

Though : Muttettugala – Wellawa – Rikillagamuwa
distance : 14  km
Travel time : 20 mins
Time to spend : 20 – 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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