Keerimalai Fresh water Spring – කීරමලේ ‍ඓතිහාසික මිරිදිය පොකුණ

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Keerimalai is a natural spring lying next to the sea west of Palaly. A bathing tank is built surrounding this pool and only the walls separate the waters of the spring and the sea. Although the tank is so close to the sea, the water is fresh coming from an underground fresh water spring in Tellipallai-Maviddapuram. The water is not hot.

It is said this underwater water source also connects  to the Nilavarai bottomless Well which lies over 10km away from here. This spring is popular among the Hindus for the miraculous powers it holds.

Keerimalai translates in to Mongoose Mound in Tamil. It is said that a Indian priest called Nagula Swami (Nagula Muni) bathed in this pond and his mongoose face was cured and turned in to a human face.

According to Local folklore a pandiyan Princess named Maruthapura Veeravalli built the Hindu Kovil at Keerimalai when she was cured of her horse shaped head after bathing at Keerimalai.

Getting there

From the Jaffna Town you need to take the Palali Road. Ask for Keerimalai from the local folks or any army check point. This is very popular place now that the roads gave been opened. If you like to have an peaceful bath, you need to go early morning since there will be bus loads of people coming there towards the afternoon. The route to Dambakola Patuna Viharaya also lies passing this pond.

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Traveling Directions to Keerimalai Fresh water Spring

Route from Jaffna Fort to Keerimalai Fresh water Spring

using : KKS Road
distance :20 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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