Mangalagama Bodhimalakarama Tampita Viharaya – මංගලගම බෝධිමාලකාරාම ටැම්පිට විහාරය

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Tampita Viharaya of Mangalagama Bodhimalakarama Rajamaha Viharaya

Tampita Viharaya of Mangalagama Bodhimalakarama Rajamaha Viharaya
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Mangalagama is an ancient village in Sri Lanka located in Rambukkana Division in the Kegale District. It is situated on the Colombo – Kandy road 85 km away from Colombo. Mangalagama is known for 2 landmarks, one is the historic Bodhimalakaramaya Tampita Viharaya and and the other is the Mangalagama Ambalama which lies right next to the road.

According to legend, an Indian Brahmin carrying a sapling of the Ananda Bodhi of  Jetawanarama in India on a pilgrimage and traveling to Kandy broke rest at the Ambalama on this village.  He had left the sapling on a nearby rock and slept at the Ambalama. Next day morning he was ready to move again and tried to lift the sapling but found it had taken root on the rock. Deciding that the sapling was destined to be planted at this location, he has stayed back at this village naturing the plant.

The Kandyan king hearing about this event had built an temple around the Bo Tree and granted him the village surrounding it. Since the name of this Brahmin was Mangala, the village became to known as Mangalagama.

A unique feature of this temple that a visitor could observe at this temple  is the still exitant Tampita Vihara Ge. Tampita Vihara were a popular architectural feature of temples during the Kandyan era. The temple is built on top of granite stumps with wooden platform laid across the stumps.

The Tampita Viharaya has gone through some recent modifications somewhat impairing its antiquarian value. The structure measures 10×15 feet in size and the doorway is considered a rare wood carving. Its said that Prince Ambulugalla of Kotte kingdom has extended support for this temple during the reign of the king Senarath of Kandy (1604 – 1635).  This temple has also served as a refuge for Buddhist priests during the religious persecution of king Rajasinghe I (581 – 1591?) of Sitawaka.

Today this temple also serves as a pirivena, a seat of Buddhist education for young monks.

Primary Source : Heritage of Sabaragamuwa: major natural, cultural, and historic sites
Dr H.A.P. Abhayavardhana
Mangalagama Bodhimalakarama Tampita Viharaya

Mangalagama Bodhimalakarama Tampita Viharaya
Photo by : Neranjan Darshanaa

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Traveling to Mangalagama Bodhimalakarama Tampita Viharaya

Route from Mangalagama Junction to Bodhimalakarama Tampita Viharaya

Distance : 50 m
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