Pitakele Duwili Ella Falls (පිටකැලේ දූවිලි ඇල්ල)

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Height :8  meters
District :Ratnapura

There are several waterfalls with the name Doowili ( Duvili ) which simply means ‘dust cloud’ and Sinharaja Rainforest is home to three of them.

The Pitakele Doowili Falls lies off the Kudawa campsite of the Sinharaja. The fall is 8 metres in height and during the rainy season, the falls become quite wide and generate a misty atmosphere with the falling water droplets which look like a dust cloud. It is said this is the widest fall out of the waterfalls in Sinharaja. This stream begins from the Vennila hills of Sinharaja and falls to the Pethiyakanda River which in turn falls to the Kosgulana Ganga River, the Kukule Ganga River and finally to the Kalu Ganga River.

The Pitakele waterfall lies about 2 km from Kudawa. Since this waterfall lies outside the boundaries of the Sinharaja Reserve, it’s not required to obtain any special permission or tickets to see the falls.

From the Kudawa you need to take the road to the hamlet of Pitakele. Travelling about 2km on this road, close to the hamlet, lies Pitakele Falls.  Road is a difficult one and a walk would be the best option unless you have a serious 4×4.

You would need to climb down about 200 feet from the road to reach the falls.

Other Names : : doovili falls, doowili falls , duvili falls, duwili falls, doovili Ella, doowili Ella , duvili Ella, duwili Ella


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Travel Directions to Pitakele Duwili Ella Falls

Come to the Sinharaja Weddagala Kudawa camp pass the Kudawa bridge travel along the road to the right after covering 2km the Pitakele Duwili Ella Falls is seen.

This fall is composed of a three-tier cascade. And is incipient from Sinharaja forest conservation, and it falls arrantly mist in a dust-like cloud the stream flows first to Petthiyuakande River and then to Kosugulana River. Several others fall which begins from Vennila of the main waterfall. at the base, there are several falls measuring up to a depth of 1-2 meters

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