Agbopura Megalithic (Sumerian) Ancient Burial Site – අග්බෝපුර මෙගලිතික (සුමේරියන්) ආදි මානව සුසාන භූමිය

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Agbopura Megalithic (Sumerian) Ancient Burial Site
Agbopura Megalithic (Sumerian) Ancient Burial Site
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The Megalithic Burial Ground at Agbopura in Vavuniya district was first discovered in 1970s  and it was reported at almost 100 burials have been discovered spread over an area of 25 acres. This land belonging to the Forestry Department , is in the middle of a Teak plantation. A 25 acre area has been reserved as the burial grounds when it was discovered. The tombs at this site are marked by 4 crude stone slabs buried upright.

Agbopura in Vavuniya is one of the few Sinhalese villages still surviving after the ravages of LTTE Tamil Terrorists for 30 years. This tiny village lies on the route to Mamaduwa, about 1 km before Mamaduwa. The Megalithic site lies about 500 meters from the Agbopura junction towards Mamaduwa.

This site has been protected by the surrounding villagers even during the LTTE attacks but unfortunately in June 2017 it was reported that this area was cleared by the Forestry Department without the knowledge of the Archaeology Department. using large excavators and Backhoes destroying a large number of tombs. The villagers were up in arms against to this government sponsored destruction of this site which has even survived the terrorists.

According to the chief incumbent of the famous Madukanda Rajamaha  Viharaya in Vavuniya these tombs has been dated to over 150,000 years old by various studies. The site has been studied by archaeologists such as Dr. Shiran Deraniyagala and Rev. Puravidya Chakrawarthi Medhanada thero. This is also the location where the country’s oldest skull was discovered based on the carbon 14 testing.

Unfortunately, the current state of this site not known. The marker below points to an approximate location. You may need a help of a villager to find the exact location of the site.

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Map of  Agbopura Megalithic (Sumerian) Ancient Burial Site

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Driving Directions to Agbopura Megalithic (Sumerian) Ancient Burial Site

Route from Vavuniya to Agbopura Megalithic (Sumerian) Ancient Burial Site

Via : Negaombo – Puttlam
Distance : 9 km
Travel time : 20 mins
Time to Spend : 1-2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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