Andanwala Ella Waterfall, Hunnasgiriya (ඇඳන්වල ඇල්ල)

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Height : 12 metres
District : Matale

Beginning from the Hanguranketha Mountain, and flowing to Suduganga River, the 12m Andanwala Falls is situated in Matale District Ukuwela PS (Provincial Secretariat) Division, in the Laliambe Village.

Previously it was a perennial fall, but in the 90’s decade due to the illegal felling of trees the water volume had reduced and is presently is facing the possibility of being evanesce. Another contributing factor is the damming of the upper reach of the fall, vitiating the volume of the cascade falling to a pool which resembling a bed, thus giving rise to its name.

To get the Water Falls, travel along the Matale-Elkaduwa Road passing the Laliambe School. After going ahead for 3km and traversing through the privately owned land located to the right, the fall could be accessed.

This fall has been identified erroneously as Andawala Falls in one waterfall description page.  in the  LCWF  website. When treking to the waterfall remember to carry  protection against leaches.

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Travel Directions to Hunnasgiriya Andanwala Falls

Route from Colombo Hunnasgiriya Andanwala Falls Route from Kandy  to Hunnasgiriya Andanwala Falls
Through : Kandy
Distance : 150 km
Travel time : 4 hour
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Madawala – Elkaduwa
Distance : 28 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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