Deanston Mini World’s End Drop – දුම්බර කඳුවැටියේ ඩීන්ස්ටන් කුඩා ලෝකාන්තය

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The beautiful valley around Knuckles massif is called “Dumbara” because it’s always misty. The region is blessed with rich fauna and flora, nourished by intermittent rains and water cascading from surrounding streams.

The Knuckles mountain range (Dumbara Valley), called so because it resembles the knuckles of a clenched fist, consists of 35 peaks which rise above 900m, perhaps the highest aggregation of such peaks in a single mountain range.

The area above Knuckles range was declared as a climatic reserve, a conservation forest and a National Biosphere Reserve for its unparalleled bio diversity.

The climate in Dumbara range varies from extreme wet to almost-arid. The area is highly windy most of the period throughout the year.

In addition to the main Worlds End site at Horton Plains there are at least 4 other popular view points on the mountains of central Sri Lanka with deep precipitous edges known as mini world’s ends. They are Madolsima Mini World’s End, Selagama Mini World’s End, Pitawala Pathana Mini World’s End and the Deanston Mini World’s End. Out of these, the last two are located in the hills of Dumbara range.

To reach Deanston, you need to travel about 7 km towards Meemure from Hunnasgiriya. The condition of this road is poor. If travelling by bus, a CTB bus operates on this route from Hunnasgiriya to Loolwatta. It leaves Hunnasgiriya around 8 – 8.15 am  daily and return back from Loolwatta around 9.30 am and and then again at 2.00 pm. Apart from this bus there is a private van operating upto Meemure. The alternate is to travel in a 3 wheeler.

You need to buy a ticket from the ticketing counter to enter the trail towards the view point. The distance of the trail is about 1.2 km to the first view point with a climb of about 60 meters. The trail starts with a crossing of a small stream and go pass a pond with some resting places and then a pine forest. Due to the nature of pine trees you rarely find any birds on such forests. At one point you come across a folk which leads to two view points. Taking the right turn and following the downward slope takes you to the view point 1 which provides a panoramic view of the Ududumbara town, Kandy-Mahiyangana road, Kalugala  area.

Being a circular path, continuing on the same route for 180 meters will bring you to the view point number 2 which provide a wide angle view of knuckles massif.

Continuing on the same path will bring you back to the folk on the trail.

Altitude graph of Deanston World's End tail
Altitude graph of Deanston World’s End tail
Primary source : Enjoying the beauty of Knuckles massif at Deanstone
by Niroshan Edirisinhe

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Map of  the Deanston Mini World’s End Drop

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Traveling Directions to Deanston Mini World’s End Drop

Route from Kandy to Deanston Mini World’s End Drop

Though : Digana – Hunnasgiriya
distance : 48 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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