Casuarina Beach in Jaffna – කැසුවාරිනා මුහුදු වෙරල

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Jaffna Peninsula is blessed number good beaches. The Casuarina Beach in Karainagar is considered the best beach in the Jaffna Peninsula. The beach lies on the north of  Karativu island, one of the largest island in the peninsula  which is connected to the mainland over a causeway. This beach is also called and written as Casoorina, Cashoorina and few other variants.

The  beach was unspoilt until recently due the LTTE terrorist activities. With the liberation of the country from the LTTE, this has become one of the main attractions for those who visit Jaffna, thus loosing its some of the cleanliness. Still having a bath at the Casuarina Beach should definitely be part of the itinerary  for those who visit Jaffna.  The sea at Casuarina Beach is so shallow, you can walk a long way in to the sea in the deep blue water with gentle waves moving towards the land.


The fisherman in the area use type of a flat boat made out of wooden logs which resembles a  full boat cut in half. These are used to fish in shallow waters and move about prawn farms in the sea.

The beach probably got its name due the Casuarina Trees (Kasa Gas)  along the beach. The beach lies about 20 km off Jaffna and may take about 45 minutes to travel by a vehicle.

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Map of  Casuarina Beach in Jaffna

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Traveling Directions to Casuarina Beach in Jaffna

Route from Jaffna Fort

distance :22 km
Travel time : 40 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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