Deekirikewa Purana Tampita Viharaya – දීකිරිකෑව පුරාණ ටැම්පිට විහාරස්ථානය

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Deekirikewa (Dikirikewa) is a village lying close to Dambadeniya. The Tampita Viharaya at the Deekirikewa  Rajamaha Viharaya is built on slightly higher ground on top of 10 granite pillar stumps which have been plastered and painted white.

A Tampita Viharaya is a structure built on a wooden platform which rests on number of stone stumps usually 3-4 feet tall. The roof is held by a structure built of timber pillars and the walls are generally made of wattle and daub. Walls inside the chamber is more or less always covered in murals, drawn mainly in Kandyan style.

The image house on the Tampita viharaya is built on a 3 inch thick timber planks. A narrow 1 feet 6 inch wide  circumambulating path is built around the image house. The width at the front is 5 feet. Two windows provide light and ventilation to the circumambulating path. Statues of two guardian deities carrying pots of plenty stand guard beside the main entrance to the image house. A seated Buddha statue lie inside the image house.  Two standing Buddha statues are built on the opposite walls near the seated statue. The walls are covered with murals and within these you can find pictures of Anepindu Situ, king Ashoka, Prince Tissa, king Dutugemunu and Maha Prakramabahu.

The marker below points to the approximate area of Deekirikewa and not the location of the temple. Its advisable to find directions from Dambadeniya or from the  Sri Lankathilakaramaya Viharaya next to the Panavitiya Ambalama in Deekirikewa.

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Map of the Deekirikewa Purana Tampita Viharaya

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