Diyawetenella Falls – දියවැටෙනැල්ල ඇල්ල

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Diyawetena Ella (Diyawetenella) fall is a fairly large waterfall is located the Alawathugoda village in the Badulla District on the boarder of the Nuwara Eliya District. This village lies between the Keppatipola – Boralanda road at the 8th kilometer post.

The village consists of Ratne, Kudumirisweladova, Galwetathenna, Diyawetenella, Gepalawalgoda, Kiriwanahinna, Bogasella and Pansalakotuwa areas. The Diyawetenella and Ratne lies at the higher elevation areas.

The area which the waterfall lies is also called Amuna due the dam built across the oya above the Diyawetenella diverts water to Ratne area.

There is an another smaller waterfall called Mahawala Ella just below the Diyawetenella Ella.

You can also see the “Pandas Gala”, or the ‘five thousand rock’ which is a natural rock which marks 5000 feet above the sea level. Clearing of the Forest above 5000 feet is banned in order to protect the water sources.

To Reach the waterfall, you need to travel up to the Alawatugoda temple (Sri Wijayawardhanaramaya) on the Boralanda – Keppatipola road. The temple lies 5 kilometers from Boralanda and 8.5 km from Kepetipola. From here you need to towards the Alawathugoda village and the total distance to to the fall is about 2 km. There is no clear path to the fall and you need to walk across vegetable cultivated land to reach it.

This waterfall is not listed in LCWF database. The marker on the Google Map below points to the approximate area of the waterfall. Please see directions.

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Map of Diyawetenella Falls

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Travel Directions to Diyawetenella Falls

Route from Welimada to Diyawetenella Ella (upto Alawatugoda temple)

Route from Nuwara Eliya to Diyawetenella Ella (upto Alawatugoda temple)

Through : KeppatipolaDistance : 14 km
Travel time : 40 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Wewelwatta RoadDistance : 28 km
Travel time : 1 ¼ hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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