Galagama Ella Falls (Kathi Gahana Ella) – ගලගම ඇල්ල (කැතිගහන ඇල්ල)

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Height : 100-150 meters
District :Ratnapura

Galagama Ella Falls (Kathi Gahana Ella) waterfall lies few kilometers down the Bakers Falls on the Belihul Oya stream. This is accessible through Horton Plains route or on a tougher hike from Belihuloya.

The is another waterfall further down the Belihul Oya which is called Pahanthudawa (Pahanthudu) Ella. The name Galagama Ella is interchangeably  used to to identify both these falls by different people. Eberhard Kautzsch in his “A guide to waterfalls of Sri Lanka” makes a mistake and identifies the Pahanthuda Ella as the Galagama Ella and states “Galagama Fall is called Pahantuda Ella by native people after the Pahantuda wick. burner of a small oil lamp. The waterfalls shape looks very much like this”

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Map of  Galagama Ella Falls (Kathi Gahana Ella)

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Travel Directions to Galagama Ella Falls (Kathi Gahana Ella)

The fall can be reached from the the horton plains worlds end route by hiking along the Belihul Oya stream passing Baker’s Falls.

The waterfall can viewed from near Ihala Galgama School if you take the route from Belihuloya town. Take the Ihala-Galgama road which is is located close to the Belihuloya Bridge. Once you reach the Ihala-Galgama School, as soon as you pass the school (the “U” bend), you will see this fall at some distance as per the photo above. See a detailed post on this route here

Route 1 from Colombo to Galagama Ella Falls (upto Non Pareil Estate)

Through : Ratnapura – Balangoda – Belihuloya – Non Pareil Estate
Distance : 160 km
Travel time : 4 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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