Godawaya Prehistoric Site – ප්‍රාග් ඓතිහාසික ගොඩවාය

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A human skeleton, estimated to be at least 7000 years old, several other pre-historic stone tools including animal remains have been unearthed from the Godawaya  (Godavaya) archeological site in Ambalantota.

Archaeologist, W.K. Sanath said a team of archaeologists initiated research after discovering the tools made of granite and quartz used by the pre-historic man from the abandoned quarry. They removed the skeleton for laboratory tests. The archaeologist said the Department of Archaeology in collaboration with a German Archaeological organization is conducting research.

“The quarry had been abandoned about ten years ago. We noticed pieces of quartz on a part of its wall. The pre-historic man might have used tools made of granite and quartz. We carried out excavations in the area to find any traces of a human habitat of the pre-historic age. A German scholar who is conducting research on pre-historic civilizations for his doctorate helped us,” he said.

Excavation Officer Upali Jayasinghe said, “During the excavations we discovered a skeleton of a pre-historic man as we expected. The human skeleton was found in a burial chamber with its head pointing to the North, sources from the Department of Archeology said.

Godavaya (or Godawaya) is a small fishing hamlet located at the mouth of the Walawe river, between Ambalantota and Hambantota in the Hambantota district in southern Sri Lanka.

It received its name, originally Goda Pavata Pattana or Gota Pabbata Pattana from a huge rock overlooking the Indian Ocean, at the foot of which it is situated. The original harbour town was an entrepot on the maritime silk route from at least the 2nd Century CE.

Godavaya is also the site if a wildlife sanctuary. The beach is important for nesting Leatherback turtles.

Marker below indicates Attanagoda area. You may need to ask directions from here.


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Map of  Godawaya Prehistoric Site

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Travel Directions to Godawaya Prehistoric Site

Route from Colombo to Godawaya

Route from Hambanthota to Godawaya

Via : Southern Expressway
distance : 240 km ( this distance and will be 130 km and time will be approx 4.5 hours when the southern expressway is extended upto Matara)
Travel time : 5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
distance :17 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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