Haldummulla Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site – හල්දුමුල්ල ආදී මානව සුසාන භූමිය

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In 2011 archaeologists found evidence for an ancient settlement, the oldest and first ancient human dwelling to be found in the central hills in Sri Lanka in the village of Hadummulla on a minor access road to the Hadummulla Tamil School.

Excavation of the site had yielded two clusters of clay burial canoes. The main cluster is situated at a middle level of the slope of the road leading to the Tamil School includes 3 burial canoes. The other is at a location bordering the school premises to the left of the road which has yielded 2 burial canoes.

The largest canoe measures 3m x 1m x 0.5m is fairly intact. The second (1.95m × 0.8m x 0.52m) has been partially destroyed by a concrete water channel built along the road.  The distal end of  the canoe 3 (1.85m × 0.9m × 0.43m)  has been destroyed by the road workers. Excavation of the interior space of this canoe has revealed an accumulation of garbage including fragments of liquor bottles. A small pit observed at the proximal end of this canoe is a hole dug out by treasure-hunters. Several potsherds of urns deposited in the interior has been discovered.

The other cluster was located about 75 meters away and consisted of two clay burial canoes. Only one (1.43 m  × 0.58 m × 0.55 m) have been excavated of the two.

Hadummulla Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site Map
Hadummulla Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site Map

After the excavations the public in the area requested to conserve the site and measures have been taken by the Haldummulla Pradeshiya Sabhava to build a temporary hut at the site until the proper conservation work starts. Whether this site still remains open or covered by earth again at the time of this writing (2017) is unknown.

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Map of the Haldummulla Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site

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Traveling Directions to the Haldummulla Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site

Route from Colombo to Haldummulla Prehistoric Canoe Burial Site

Through : Awissawella – Ratnapura – Balangoda
Distance : 170 km
Travel time : 4.0 hour
Time to Spent : 30  minutes
Driving directions : see on google maps

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