Paravithota at Ingiriya (ඉංගිරිය පරෙවිතොට)

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Paravithota ( also known as Paveithota, Parevithota) is a picnic and bathing place in Ingiriya bordering Medakanda Forest.  Due to its proximity to Colombo, this has become a very popular destination for one-day outings.

A small tributary of the Kaluganga flowing over rocks creates a number of shallow pools suitable for bathing in this area. With the surrounding forest cover, this has become an ideal picnic ground for many.

Without proper management of the area, Pavavithota has unfortunately become a victim of its popularity with ignorant visitors disposing of their garbage in the same area.

When travelling towards Rathnapura, pass Ingiriya town and travel 1.8km to reach the Nambapana School Road (also referred to as Paravithota Road) to the left. Travel about 1 km on this road to reach the Paravithota bathing area.

Expect some crowds on weekends.

Alternate Names : Pareithota, Paravithota, Parevithota, Pareitota, Paravitota, Parevitota, Parei Thota

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Map of  the Paravithota at Ingiriya

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Traveling to Paravithota at Ingiriya

Route From Ingiriya to Paravithota
Through : Homagama – Southern Highway – Bandaragama – Ingiriya
Distance : 60 km
Travel time :1.5 hours
Driving Directions : see on google maps


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