Nil Garunda Rock (Blue Marble Rock) of Walapane – වලපනේ නිල් ගරුඬ පාෂාණය

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Garunda Oya flowing over Nil Rock of Walapane
Garunda Oya flowing over Nil Garunda Rock of Walapane
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Similar to the pink quartz rock at Namal Uyana, the Nil Garunda Gala ( Nil Garuda Gala, Blue Marble Rock, Serpentine Rock) at the remote village of Rupaha at Walapane is a unique rock rarely found else where in the world. In fact it is said that this is the only such rock in South Asia. The difference between this rock and the pink quartz rock is that this is relatively unknown to travelers thus rarely visited.

The uniqueness of this rock is that this is bluish green in colour and glitters in sun. The surface of this rock is soft and soothing to the hand if you rub it unlike a piece of granite. This rock is also said to be growing and heels its damages.

Most of this unique rock lies underneath the earth and only a small portions  is exposed where the Garunda Oya stream has washed the earth away. The villagers believe bathing from the waters of Garunda Oya which flows over this rock can cure multiple skin ailments such as rashes, hives and welts.

Rubbing a piece of this Garunda Rock on a another granite rock with some water creates a whitish form. This form is believed to have medicinal properties and is used to treat multiple health conditions from stomach aches to snake bites.

The site lies about 74 kilometers from Kandy. Taking the Mahaweli Raja Mawatha over Randenigala and passing Walapane, take road to Nildandahinna. From Nildandahinna, take the road to Kotambe Junction. From this junction you need to walk about 1 1/2 kilometers on a small by-road to the village of Pandithayakumbura. Since no direction board has been installed, you may need a guide from the village to take you there. Traveling about 1.5 kms on this road to Pandithayakumbura, a steep flight of steps on the side will lead to the exposed Nil Garunda Rock with the Garunda Oya running over it.

Coming from Nuwara Eliya, you can reach the rock by taking the Ragala Road and going up to Walapane. From Walapane take the same route across Nildandahinna to reach Kotambe.

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Map of  the Nil Garunda Rock of Walapane

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Traveling to Nil Garunda Rock of Walapane

Route From Nil Garunda Rock of Walapane

Through : Nildandahinna
Distance : 74 km
Travel time :2 hours
Driving Directions : see on google maps


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