Jaffna Old Park and British Era Queens Pond – යාපනය පැරණි උද්‍යානය හා බ්‍රිත්‍යානය සමයේ පොකුණ

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Just 3 km from Jaffna town lies a children’s play ground which is called Old Park. This park has been build by the British Government Agent Ackland Dyke dubbed ‘the Rajah of the North’,  on a  27 acre land purchased with his private funds.

The Residency and a vast park developed around it, nearly in an area of a square mile with very old trees, became a public property in through a deed of gift through queen Victoria after the death of Ackland Dyke. Records detail the beauty of his residence and garden, during the time, where a charming pond, flower gardens, fruit bearing trees and rare plants amply decorated the extent of the park. This park had been planted with the rarest trees. Apart from the giant Mahogany, Nedun, Ironwood, and the inevitable Mango and the Tamarind, both of which brought some revenue annually for the upkeep of the garden.


After the defeat of the LTTE Tamil Terrorists in 2009, With the developments of the northern region, this park was developped in to a children’s park.  The the only structure surviving from the Dyle’s garden is a pond called Queens Pond which had been part of the Governors Residence which has been declared as a archaeological monument.

Right to the park is the ruins of the massive Old Jaffna Kachcheri Building built by the Dutch which also now being declared as a protected archaeological monument.

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Map of Jaffna Old Park and British Era Queens Pond

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Traveling directions to Jaffna Old Park and British Era Queens Pond

Travel directions from Jaffna town to Jaffna Old Park and British Era Queens Pond

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