Ruins of Ancient Kailabe Monastery in Vavuniya

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Ruins of Ancient Kailabe Monastery in Vavuniya - වවුනියාව වන මද සැඟවුණු කයිලබේ ආරාම නටබුන්
Ruins of Ancient Kailabe Monastery in Vavuniya – වවුනියාව වන මද සැඟවුණු කයිලබේ ආරාම නටබුන්
photo source: Sapumalgaskada Pabbatharamaya Facebook Page

The ruins of Kailabe Monastery archeological site are hidden in a government forest reserve belonging to the remote village of Kailabe in the Pirappanmaduwa 213C Grama Niladhari Division of the Vavuniya South Divisional Secretariat in the Vavuniya District of the Northern Province.

This monastery complex is spread over an area of more than 10 acres and is considered to belong to the era of the Anuradhapura Kingdom. You can identify a stupa mound and more than 15 buildings / mounds and 2 ponds in these ruins. Items such as the sacred foot stones (Siri Pathul Gala), stone balustrades (Korawak Gal), and urinal stones generally found in such monasteries have also been found scattered at this site.

The ruined stupa is about 15 meters in diameter. About 4 m of its height remains today. Treasure hunters have dug a pit 5 meters deep and 3 meters wide at the center of the dome and destroyed the relics chamber. A stone Samadhi statue can be seen on the south slope of the Dagaba. The statue has also been damaged and some parts are missing.

There is a large inscription about 25 meters south of the Dagaba. About 2/3 of it is beneath the earth and only 1/3 is visible above the ground. The slab is is 2.21 meters high, 1.10 meters wide and 26 centimeters thick. The letters are cut into 8 rows of different sizes from 8 × 7 to 12 × 7 cm. This inscription has been made during the reign of King Gajabahu (112-134 AD).

According to this inscription, the Queen Anutthara (Anuthiri) had dug Anuthirigama Wewa (reservoir) at the town called Mahala and has offered it for the development of stupa of the Anuthiri Araba Vihara. King Gamini Abaya (Gajabahu I – 112-134 AD) built the Abaya Arama Viharaya and dug the reservoir called Abaya and offered it to that temple. In addition, another large reservoir has been offered to the Anuthiri Araba Viharaya. Although several other contributions are mentioned in this inscription, it is difficult to read due to its flaking.

To reach this place, take Bogaswewa – Padaviya road through the Vavuniya – Mamaduwa – Mahakachchikudiya road and take Ruwanmaduwa Tank road. walk about 50 meters along the footpath at the end of the tank bund on the Ruwanmaduwa Wewa (reservoir) road and about 700 meters along the footpath to the south. The ruins can be seen to the south of this footpath.

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Traveling Directions to Kailabe Monastery in Vavuniya

Route from Vavuniya to Ruins of Ancient Kailabe Buddhist Monastery
Through : Etambagaskada – Mamaduwa – Ruwanmaduwa Tank road
Time to spend – 1-2  hours
Distance : 40  km
Travel time : 1.15 + hike hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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