Kokilai Lagoon Sanctuary – කෝකිලායි අභය භූමිය

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Size 2,995 ha (7,401 acres)
Main attractionsforested wetlands includes mangrove swamps – migratory and local water birds

Kokilai Lagoon lies about 60 kilometers from Trincomalee  and 30 kilometers from the Mullativu on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

Kokkilai Lagoon is partly surrounded by mangrove swamps and sea grass beds. The surrounding area includes cultivated land, scrub and open forests. Numerous varieties of water and wader birds are found in the sanctuary including cormorants, ducks, egrets, flamingoes, herons, ibis, pelicans and storks. The sanctuary is a haven for birds migrating along Sri Lanka’s east coast. Elephants are also found in the sanctuary.

The Kokilai Lagoon and the surrounding 2,995 ha (7,401 acres) was declared as sanctuary in 1951. The sanctuary was flourishing until the Tamil Tiger terrorists declared war with the government in the 1980’s where the government lost control the area.

In 2009 the terrorists were defeated and civilian life came back to normal. But in 2010  with the support of the local government bodies, about 1000 ha had been cleared of this sanctuary reducing the size of the sanctuary to 1,995 ha (4,930 acres). It was reported that 2000-3000 weaver bird nests and uncounted number of 176 migrant and resident birds  nesting sites have  been unmercifully destroyed.

Drive from Tricomalee to the Kokilai Lagoon will take approximately 1.5 hours. The roads are freshly carpeted and all the damaged brides have been re constructed. There are very few vehicles traveling on these roads thus drive is relaxing and enjoyable. From Pulmude you need to leave the main Pulmude road and move towards the coast through by roads to reach fishing village.

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Map of  Kokilai Lagoon Sanctuary

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Travel Directions to Kokilai Lagoon Sanctuary

Route from Colombo to Kokilai Lagoon Sanctuary

Though : Nilaveli – Kuchchaveli – Thiriyaya – Pulmude
Distance : 61 km
Travel time : 1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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