Maradamadhu (Pudayalpitti) Archaeological Ruins in Mannar District (මරදන්මඩු (පුදියාල්පිට්ටි) පුරාවිද්‍යා නටබුන්)

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Ruins of several ancient buildings belonging to the Anuradhapura kingdom are found at this site. The ruins include a stupa mound with a diameter of 16 meters and a height of 4 meters. As with all the stupas found in this area, a large pit has been dug at least in 2 instances at the top of the stupa mound in search of treasures within. Bricks of several sizes can be seen and molding bricks are also found.

A pillar base is seen about 5 meters northwest of the stupa. The base is 80×70 cm in size and 14 cm thick. The pillar hole in the centre is 17×17 cm in size.

A building structure built with pillars is found 20 meters southwest of the stupa. Only 2 stone pillars of this building is standing. Eight other pillars are found fallen and broken. These pillars are roughly 220x23x23 cm in size. They have been placed 3.3 meters apart. The size of the building is about 8×8 meters. The center of this building too has been dug by treasure hunters. This pit is about 4 meters in diameter and 3 meters deep. Ancient bricks and tiles are found scattered around the site.

To reach this site, turn left at Thandikulam Junction on Vavunia-Jaffna Road and proceed along Kalmadu Road. Turn left at Sinnaarisakulam Junction and proceed 2km to the forest to reach this site called Pudayalpitti.


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Driving Directions to Maradamadhu (Pudayalpitti) Archaeological Ruins Mannar District

From Vavuniya to Maradamadhu (Pudayalpitti) Archaeological Ruins
Via : Palampiddi Road
Total Distance : 20 km
Travel Time: 40 Minutes
Time to Spend: Around 30 Minutes
Driving Directions :  View on Google Map


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