Meewalapathaha Archaeological Reserve – මීවලපතහ පුරාවිද්‍යා රක්ෂිතය / මීවලපතහ පුරාණ චෛත්‍ය වර්ධනාරාමය

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Meewalapathaha Archaeological Reserve lies between Galewela and Dambulla off Talakiriyagama deep inside a remote village known as Meewalapathaha.

The conserved site of Meewalapathaha Archaeological Reserve lies resides in and around the Meewalapathaja Purana Chaithaya Wardhanaramaya temple. The site consist of a a preserved  ancient stupa built on a square platform. A stone slab flower alter and other granite artifacts found during the excavations can be seen displayed around the stupa.

Scattered granite pillars which would have held various buildings in the ancient times can be seen all over temple premises. According to the chief imcumbant Dembawa Gunanada Thero, this has been identified as a Pabbatha Vihara of the early Anuradhapura era.

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Map of the Meewalapathaha Archaeological Reserve

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Driving Directions to Meewalapathaha Archaeological Reserve

Route from Galewela to Meewalapathaha Archaeological Reserve

Though : Talakiriyagama
Distance : 13 km
Travel time : 25 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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