Disappearing Archaeological Ruins of Nelukkulam in Vavuniya (වැනසෙන වවුනියාව නෙලුක්කුලම ආරාමයේ නටබුන්)

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Nelukkulam (Nelukkulama) town can be reached by travelling 5 km from Vavuniya town on the Vavuniya-Weddikulam road. The threatened Buddhist ruins of Nelukkulam is found at a 4.2km distance from the Vavuniya on this road.

At this site, you find a stupa mound and ruins of 2 buildings. Cyril Mathew, then minister of Industries and Scientific Affairs in 1983 reports that the stupa mound was 30 feet in height and stood on a square platform. The stupa lies close to the road on the left-hand side and its Yupa Stone laid on its slope. It has been dated to the early Anuradhapura period (3rd to 6th century).

A non Buddhist person had removed bricks from this stupa to build a wall of his hut and had placed a lance and a lamp stand on a concrete block on the summit of the mound to worship a Hindu god.

A few meters away from the stupa, there are remains of a structure believed to be an image house that can be seen close to the road. close to it are 3 stone pillars of another ancient building of the ancient Buddhist monastery.

This site was excavated in the late 1970s and it was discovered that the stupa belonged to several eras. The lower part of the octagonal stupa was also found. The work; the length of the octagonal Yupa pillar, proved to be 2.90m long. The length of the north side of the platform of the dagoba is 17.4m and its height is 1. 97m.· Bricks designed in the form of a lotus were found, and there was a special feature about the bricks used for the construction of the dagoba. One corner of a brick (when viewed from above while being placed flat) instead of being a right angle was rather pointed and thus in the form of an acute angle.

The current status of this Archaeological Site is unknown. Note that the location made on Google Maps is approximate. Refer to the above to locate the site.


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Driving Directions to Archaeological Ruins of Nelukkulam in Vavuniya

Route from Vavuniya to the Archaeological Ruins of Nelukkulam
Though :
Distance : 4.2 km
Travel time : 10 minutes
Driving directions : see on Google map

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