Pudupulanchiya Archaeological Reserve (පුඩුපුලංචිය පුරාවිද්‍යා රක්ෂිතය)

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The Pudupulanchiya Archaeological Reserve, situated near the border of the Kurunegala-Anuradhapura districts in the Usgala-Siambalangamuwa region of Galgamuwa city, is nestled along the picturesque Usgala-Siambalangamuwa Reservoir. This archaeological site, marked by the Department of Archaeology sign at the Amunukole junction on the A28 main road between Anuradhapura and Kurunegala, is a revered place where monks from the Anuradhapura period once resided.

Surrounded by residential homes in a rural setting, the site boasts two prominent rocks and spans several acres, adorned with various artefacts. Notable features include two mounds with stone pillars, two rock caves, two flower seats, a bodhigara, a Siripatul stone, pillar base stones, and a toilet stone.

Approximately 100 meters from the main rock, referred to as “Pansal Gala” (Temple Rock) stands “Pahan Gala“, a smaller rock with various stonework. It is believed that a two-story building has been connected to this rock. Evidence of this structure includes holes in the stone for supporting wooden poles and a set of impressive stone steps carved into the rock leading to an upper floor. The surrounding area is scattered with stone pillars and remnants of the ancient building.

Dating back to the 1-2 centuries BCE, the archaeological site reveals significant features such as thick brick walls and doors in the main cave, indicative of reconstructions from the Kandy period. The lower ruins suggest the existence of a building from the 6th-7th centuries.

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Travel Directions to Pudupulanchiya Archaeological Reserve

Route from Kurunegala to Pudupulanchiya Archaeological Reserve
Through : Padeniya
Distance : 75 km
Travel time: 1.30 hour
Driving directions : see on Google map

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