Nugapitiya Ambalama (නුගපිටිය අම්බලම)

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Nugapitya Ambalama lies next to a picturesque paddy field in the village of Nugapitiya lying between Kandy and Matale. The Ambalama lies 3 kms from the main road. To reach this site, take the Wattegama Road from the Kalalpitiya Junction on the Kandy-Matale road, travel 1.6km and right turn to Bowaththa Nugapitiya Road. The Ambalama lies 1.5km down this road but not visible as it lies 30-40meters away from the road. There is a foot path at the edge of the paddy field to reach the Ambalama.

In the Sinhalese encyclopedia (Volume 1, Page 696-1963 First Edition) Ambalama is defined as a kind of hall erected by the side of the road for the benefit of wayfarers to relax on the way, as vehicles were rare in ancient times.

It was believed that to build these Ambalam for the use of travelers is a meritorious deed and to pollute them is an unpardonable sin. On this belief people of means did not hesitate to construct these resting places on suitable locations and. They tried. Their best to keep- them spick and span.

In some of these ambalams there had been planks erected as seats on different levels. It was said, specially when there were discussions on matters relating to the village with the elders and the chiefs of the village, those who gather there are expected to occupy the seats according to their age, status and sometimes according to their castes as well.

Nugapitya Ambalama is a square brick and mortar building with its roof resting on four pillars. A short wall travels around the Ambalama. This building probably had been used as a resting place for the farmers.

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Travel Directions to Nugapitiya Ambalama

Route from Kandy to Nugapitiya Ambalama
distance : 24 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Time to Spent : 10  mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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