Gurulupotha Maha Loku Maniyange Devalaya (ගුරුළුපොත මහ ලොකු මෑණින්ගේ දේවාලය)

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Maha Loku Meni is considered the elder sister of the daity Saman who lives atop of Sri Pada mountain. She is a regional deity of Mahiyangana area and Gurulupotha Maha Loku Mniyange Dewalaya is one of very few shrines found dedicated to this deity. Maha Loku Meni is a benevolent deity specially protecting pregnancies, babies and farming communities.

Maha Loku Meni is also referred to as Maha Loku Akka and Maha Lokuwan by the indigenous Vedda community. She is one of the key deities worshipped by the Veddas. This devala location is also called Kandahena Bo Maluwa due to the temple nearby.

Maha Loku Maniyange Devalaya is located 2 km along the road to the right from Gurulupotha bazaar along Kandy-Mahiyangana road in Minipe. This place is considered as the residence of the Maha Loku Meni.

According to local tradition the conflict with the Yakkas during the Buddha’s first visit this deity intervened to bring about a settlement. An ancient Bo-tree and several scattered stone pillars are seen at this site.


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Travel Directions to Gurulupotha Maha Loku Maniyange Devalaya

Route from Kandy up to Gurulupotha Maha Loku Maniyange Devalaya

Distance : 75   km
Travel time : 2-2.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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