Ranagala Ambalama – රෑනගල අම්බලම

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Ranagala Ambalama - රෑනගල අම්බලම
Ranagala Ambalama – රෑනගල අම්බලම

Ranagala (Renagala) has been a popular ancient cross road connecting Siriwardhanapura, Anuradhapura, Kurunegala and Kandy. One proof of the importance of this is the ancient Ambalama at Ranagala. This Ambalama lies on the edge of a large paddy field in Ranagala and about 500 meters before the popular Rangala Rajamaha Viharaya.

In front of the this ambalama and on the opposite side of the road lies an ancient Bo tree revered by the villagers. Popular belief is that this Bo Tree has been planted during the reign of king Devanmpiyatissa (250-210 BC) of Anuradhapura kingdom being on of the Bo trees he planted at every mile (Gawwa) on popular roads after the arrival of Mihindu Thero.

Ranagala Ambalama has been declared as an protected archaeological monument by the department of Archaeology.

closest town : Narammala
Local Autority : Alauwa / Alawwa
District : Kurunegala

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Travel Directions to Ranagala Ambalama

Route from Colombo to Ranagala Ambalama

Route from Kurunegala to Ranagala Ambalama

Though : Katunayake – Giriulla – Dambadeniya
distance :93 km
Travel time : 2,5  hours.
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Pothuhera – Wadakada
distance :20  km
Travel time : 40 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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