Dikwella Rathmale Ambalama – ලංකාවේ එකම මහල් දෙකේ රත්මලේ අම්බලම

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Rathmale Ambalama - The only two storied ambalama in Sri Lanka
Rathmale Ambalama – The only two storied ambalama in Sri Lanka

Rathmale is a small town lying 15 km from Matara and 1.5 km from the main Matara – Tangalla road. Right at the small 4 way junction of Rathmale town, lies the only two storied Ambalama found in Sri Lanka. Ambalama is a way side rest built during the times of kings at various strategic places on popular routes for the weary traveler to rest or sleep the night.

Many of the Ambalam found today had been built during the Kandyan kingdom. Some were built using granite and wood exquisitely carved with various designs popular during this era. But later, aesthetics lost its importance and they were just built for their utilitarian value. Rathmale is one such ambalama lacking any effort made to its aesthetics but it is uniqueness comes in the form of two levels of the structure. The stucture is approximately 20 feet x 20 feet with upper floor built with a wooden floor. It is said that a wooden stair case existed inside the building to reach the upper flow which no longer exists.

It is believed that this ambalama was used by the pilgrims who travelled from Kandy to Tissamaharama Viharaya and the upper floor was reserved for the Buddhist priests while to lower floor to the laymen.

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Travel Directions to Rathmale Ambalama

Route from Matara to Rathmale Ambalama
Through : Tangalle Road
Distance : 17 km
Travel time :  30 minutes
Time to Spent : 15 – 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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