Ruwanwella Ambalama (රුවන්වැල්ල අම්බලම)

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The Ruwanwella Ambalama lies in the centre of the crowded, traffic-congested Ruwanwella town close to the ancient fort. This is said to be the largest ambalama found in the county.  The roof of ambalama is held on 16 pillars of wood, placed in a 4×4 plan. Each pillar has been carved at the bottom, centre and top with various floral designs. The roof is tiled with ancient flat clay tiles. Each of the massive pillars carries a decorated pillar head with 4 flowers caved on 4 sides. At the far end is a room with two windows on either side. This would have been used to securely store goods carried out by the traveller.

Ruwanwella was a bustling commercial centre in the era British invaded the Kandyan kingdom. The port at Ruwanwella was one of the main entry points to the Kandyan kingdom for travellers from the west. Therefore this building would have been a rest place for the travelers to and from Kandy as well as merchants.

A plaque at the centre of an inner wall states that his AMBALAM was erected by her friends in memory of LILY HARRIET DAVIDSON wife of the assistant governor of the district 1892 – 1896 who died in South Africa in 1901 as a tribute to her.

This Ambalama had been covered using brick walls and used for various government functions. It was last used as an Ayurvedic medicine sales outlet for the local government. But recently the walls have been demolished and the work is being done to bring the Ambalama to its original way.

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Travel Directions to Ruwanwella Ambalama

Route from Colombo to Ruwanwella Ambalama Route 2 from Colombo to Ruwanwella Ambalama
Through : Kelaniya – Nittambuwa – Urapola
Distance : 70 km
Travel time : 2.5  hours.
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Kaduwela – Weliveriya – Kirindiwela – Urapola
Distance : 72 km
Travel time : 2.5 hours.
Driving directions : see on google map


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