Medagoda Pattini Devalaya – මැදගොඩ පත්තිනි දේවාලය

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Stone Pillars of Medagoda Pattini Devalaya
Stone Pillars of Medagoda Pattini Devalaya
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Developed by Sitawaka Rajasinghe (1581 – 1591), the Medagoda Pattini Devalaya lies off the Amithirigala Road from Awissawella.

Sitawaka Rajasinhe, the worrier king of Sitawaka kingdom who is said to have killed his father and then became a ardent Hindu is reputed to have killed hundreds of Buddhist priests, destroyed buddhist temples is known for building of number of Kovils and Devala’s in Sitawaka kingdom.

According to the folklore the king one way to his Pethangoda royal park saw a beautiful 18 year old damsel bathing in a river in the Gonagala area. Falling in love at the sight of her, he immediately brought her to the castle and made his queen. IT is reported that the king was over 60 years old by this time. This girl’s name was Malwathi and was the daughter of the popular astrologer called Dodampe Ganithaya. Prince Rajasuriya, 0ne of the grandchild of King Rajasinhe was in love with Malwathi before this event happened.

This unexpected kidnapping created a enmity against king on the minds of both Dodampe Ganithaya and the prince Rajasuriya and Rajawaliya reports that the death of the king Rajasinhe was due Dodampe Ganithaya adding poisonous plant matter in treating a wound of the king caused by a bamboo shoot.

Anyway this marriage was short lived. The queen Malwathi became critically ill and died. The love stuck king is said to have built the Medagoda Pattini Devalaya in memory of her.

Then there is another folklore about beginning of the Devalaya. When King Rajasinhe was traveling to the Pethangoda royal park on the royal boat over the Kelani River, it suddenly stopped moving in the middle of the river. The boatman looked for a cause for getting the boat stuck but nothing could be found. The king has then seen a oil lamp lit on a elevated ground on one of the banks. The king got down from from the boat and went to this small shrine, lit a lamp and made a wow to build a shrine for Godess Pattini if he was allowed to raeach the park safely. Miraculously the board started moving and the King is said to have built this Medagoda Pattini Devalaya to fulfill his wow and granted land for the maintenance of this devale.

The initial devale has been built in form of a tampita devale. When the new new devale was built only 3 of the original pillars exisited and new pillars were added to build the current devalaya as seen today.

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Map of Medagoda Pattini Devalaya

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Travel Directions to Medagoda Pattini Devalaya

Route from Colombo to Medagoda Pattini Devalaya

Through : Rajagiriya – Malabe – Kaduwela – Pugoda – Amithrigala
Distance :57 km
Travel time : 2 hours.
Driving directions : see on google map


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