Sand Dunes of Kavutharimunai in Pooneryn Peninsula – පූනරීන් කවුතරිමුනෙයි වැලිපර

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If you take the lesser traveled route to Jaffna through Pooneryn, There are number of places which you could visit on the Sand Bar (Pooneryn Peninsula) below the Jaffna Peninsula. This land mass is about 22 kilometers long. The road is not tared. The whole land mass is a sandy beach stretching to the horizon only disturbed by a remote house, church or a army check point.

One of the popular stop overs on this stretch is the Sand Dunes of Kavutharimunai. Dunes form where the beach is wide enough to allow for the accumulation of wind-blown sand, and where prevailing onshore winds tend to blow sand inland. The three key ingredients for coastal dune formation are a large sand supply, winds to move said sand supply, and a place for the sand supply to accumulate.

The sand dunes of Kavutharimunai can be found 12 km along the the sandy road along road towards the Kalmunei Old Survey Tower at the edge of the Pooneryn Peninsula.

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Map of  Sand Dunes of Kavutharimunai in Pooneryn Peninsula

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Traveling Directions to Sand Dunes of Kavutharimunai in Pooneryn Peninsula

Route from Poonaryn to Sand Dunes of Kavutharimunai

Though :
Distance :12 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map