Sera Ella Falls – සේර ඇල්ල

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Height :10 meters
District :Matale

This beautiful Sera Ella fall, the subject of several poems, is situated in the Dumbara Jungle that is split into two sections, both 10m in height. Kitul Canal, from the Kaudagammana Mountain, and the Hunumadala River, from the Gonamada and Deyuthu Gammmaduwa mountains, flow in unison to form the Puwakpitiya River. This later joins Thelegam River, at which point the fall is created as the water tumbles down a protruding rock face, visible from Dumbara Jungle.

The fall flows all year around and is at its fullest during the monsoon season, between November and March. The name of the fall derives from the ‘Sera’ species of fish that inhabits the water.

The fall is located in the village of Pothatawela, near Laggala in Matale District’s Laggala PSD. From Matale or Lagalla, travel to Illukumbura.

One of the interesting features of this fall is the cave behind the fall. Steps has been cut to reach this cave and can be safely reached even when the fall is at full flow.

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Map of Sera Ella Falls

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Sera Ella Falls Video

An informative video clip by Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society

Travel Directions to Sera Ella Falls

Though the road is not in a good condition from Illukkumbura, the fall can be reached in any vehicle. Once you pass the pitawala pathana, there is a concrete road to Puwakpitiya. Entrance to the fall is approx. 8.5 km on this road. From here you need to climb down about 200 m on a path to reach the viewing platform. If the vehicle does not have a high ground clearance, you may have to park the vehicle about 1.5 km before the entrance and walk the rest.

Route from Matale to Sera Ella

Route from Illukkumbura to Sera Ella

Through : Pitawala Patana
Distance : 45 km
Travel time : 1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Distance : 15 km
Travel time : 30-45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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