Dutch Fort of Tangalle (තංගල්ල බලකොටුව)

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Tangalle (also known as Tangalla) is a large town in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka. Tangalle is a regionally important fishing port, situated on one of the largest bays in Sri Lanka, which is protected from the ocean by an enclosing reef. Today It is a centre of tourism and a popular holiday destination on the south coast.

In the town centre lies the old Dutch Fort which is used as a prison today. The Dutch and subsequently the British used Tangalle as an important anchorage on the southern coast of the island. The Dutch Fort, Rest House and Court House are a few remaining examples of Dutch architecture in Tangalle.

The Dutch built this fort around 1775 on top of a slope above the shores of its bay. In the same period the Dutch also built a small church. During the British occupation this fort was heavily modified and was used as a prison. 


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Driving Directions to Tangalle fort

Route from Colombo to Tangalle fort
Through : Southern Highway – Matara
Distance :200km
Travel time : 3.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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