Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls (Alakola Ella) – තාලිය වැටුනු ඇල්ල (අලකොල ඇල්ල)

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Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls
Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls
Height :50 meters
District :Matale

This 50 meter high Thaliya Wetuna Ella waterfall lies in Alakola Estate in the Knuckles mountain range in Kandy District. Therefore this fall is also known as Alakola Ella. It is formed in a tributary of the Hulu Ganga originating in the Knuckles mountain range.

Name Alakola too has a interesting histroy. Its said that this area was under a planter called Allen Collen during British Era. This Allen Collen Watte has later become Alakola Watte ( Alakola Estate)

The road towards Alakola Estate is situated right in front of the Hulu Ganga Bridge. Travel about 3km along the road and you will find a footpath leading towards  the base pool of the Thaliya Watuna Ella.

The Huluganga Falls lies on the same stream about 2.7 km further down close to the Huluganga town.

There are number of waterfalls in this area which can be visited in a single trip. They are

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Map of Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls (Alakola Ella)

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Travel Directions to Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls (Alakola Ella)

The waterfall can be reached by traveling approximately 3.8 km towards the Alakola estate from Huluganga.

Route from Matale to Thaliya Wetuna Ella (upto Huluganga) Route from Kandy to Thaliya Wetuna Ella (upto Huluganga)
Through : Madulkele – Huluganga
Distance : 40 km
Travel time : ¾ -1 hours
Driving directions : See on Google Maps
Through : Madawala Bazar – Wavinna – Hulu Ganga
Distance : 32 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Driving directions : See on Google maps


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