Thuruwila Wewa in Anuradhapura – තුරුවිල වැව

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Thuruwila Wewa
Thuruwila Wewa

Thuruwila (Turuwila)  is an ancient irrigation reservoir in (Wewa) Anuradhapura district built more than 20 centuries ago. It is believed that King Mahanaga built it in the third century B.C. This can be considered as the forth Wewa (Reservoir) to be built in Sri Lanka. Basawakkulama , which is built by King Pandukabaya is the first Wewa (Reservoir) in Sri Lanka. After that, King Devanampiyatissa has built two reservoirs, Tisa Wewa and Nuwara Wewa . The Turuwila Wewa is fed by water from Mahaweli River via Kala Wewa.

In 1880s the British rulers of Sri Lanka reconstructed this reservoir which was in a ruined state after abandonment for centuries after the Chola invasions from South India in 10 th to 13 th centuries.


The area covered by the reservoir is about 750 acres (3 sq. kilometers, 300 hectares) at full capacity . The mean depth of the reservoir is 12.5 feet. Bunt of the reservoir is 2.4 km long and with 180 feet in width. It is 25 feet in height. The overflow of the reservoir runs to the Malwatu Oya. There are five reservoirs, which get water from the Thuruwila Wewa. Rain and the water seepage from the land above the reservoir supplies water to the reservoir.

The villagers of the Turuwila village totally depend on this reservoir. Most of them are farmers. Some villagers make there living by selling flowers such as water-lilies, and lotus plucked from this reservoir to the pilgrims to the Anuradhapura sacred city. Large amounts of fresh water fishing also common sight around this reservoir (Amount of people living from fishing). This reservoir supplies water for irrigation of 502 acres of paddy fields and 106 acres of high land.

This reservoir is currently one of the main water sources for the Anuradhapura Town. There are 16 water supply schemes operated in the district and two of them can be considered as the major schemes which are Thuruwila and Anuradhapura water treatment plants.

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Map of  the Thuruwila Wewa

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Traveling to Thuruwila Wewa

Route from Anuradhapura to Thuruwila Wewa

Through : Sravastipura
Distance : 20 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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