Paluvilandawa Tank Weeransole Ruins in Wilpattu (විල්පත්තුවේ පාලුවිලන්දාව නටඹුන්)

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The Samadhi Statue recovered from Weeransole Ruins now placed at the park Entrance
The Samadhi Statue recovered from Weeransole Ruins now placed at the park Entrance

The road to Paluvilandawa Tank (Palu-vilankaduwa) lies about 150 meters passing the Percy Bandi Wewa which lies on the main internal route from the Wilpattu National Park entrance after 4 kilometers. The tank itself is breached and holds no water.

The ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery can be found just before reaching this tank. These ruins are named Weeransole Ruins.

IUCN carried out an archeological survey in Wilpattu National Park in the early 2000s and reports

A total of 68 archeologically important sites were recorded, four of which Miocene fossil sites. Twelve sites belonging to the prehistoric periods (Paleolithic and Mesolithic) were also surveyed. Several sites represent evidence of both pre-historic and historic periods. Forty-two (Black & Red ware pottery sites, Burials, settlements, and monasteries) were identified as a combination of proto-historic and historical sites.

A major finding was the Weeransole ruins. This site, located near the Palu-vilankaduwa tank has not been recorded by previous research and consists of three destroyed image houses and Buddha statues including two seated (Samadhi) and one standing statue. One of the destroyed Samadhi Buddha statues seated under the hood of a cobra, is of rare type. This is the fourth known Buddha statue belonging to this posture found in Sri Lanka.

In addition, a well-preserved Samadhi Statue almost exquisite as the Samadhi Statue at the Mahamevna Uyana in Anuradhapura was discovered at this site in the 1980s by the army and was brought to the Wilpattu Park entrance which can be seen even today.

Since it is prohibited to get off the vehicles within the National Park, you will need special permission to explore this site.

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Travel Directions to Paluvilandawa Tank Weeransole Ruins in Wilpattu (upto Wilpattu National Park Entrance)

Route from Colombo to Paluvilandawa Tank Weeransole Ruins in Wilpattu (up to Wilpattu National Park Entrance)
Though : Negombo – Puttlam
Distance :200 km
Travel time : 4 hours.
Driving directions : see on google map


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