Wisari Ella Falls (Alikola Oya North Falls) / Alikola Oya South Falls (අලිකොල ඔය දියඇලි)

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Height20 meters

The Wisari Ella (Wishari Ella), also known as the Alikola Oya North falls lies hidden deep inside the mountains of Uva.  The 20m-high Alikola Oya waterfalls are formed by the Punagala and Alikola Rivers, which both flow from the Maha Kande Mountain’s eastern slope. The falls flow into the Kirindi River.

The falls are situated in the Badulla District.To reach the falls, travel 20 kilometers from Kumbalwela Junction ( on Badulla – Bandarawela Road) on the Wellawaya – Kumbalwela Road (A23) or 13.5 kilometers from Wellawaya to reach the by road towards the Wiswari Ella. The new name board has been installed recently at this turn off.

Travel about 3.1 kilometers on this road up to the last house. This is a badly maintained road with steep segments.  A four wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended to tacke this road. A vehicle with high ground clearance might be able to take on this road but the engine will have to be in good condition tackle the steep segments. Also remember that it is virtually impossible for 2 vehicles to pass each other other than in few places.

This road ends in near a paddy field where the vehicle can be stopped and turned. From here you need to walk about 500 meters on the walkway which has been recently built by the local government body. There is no hard climbing, and passes through small vegetable plots, tea plantations and jungle area and  some beautiful caves.

The foot path ends at the bottom of the falls and the viewing platform has been built recently to get a good view of the waterfall.

Alternate names : Alikola Oya Ella,  Alikola Oya Falls,  Alikola Oya waterfall,   Visari Ella,  Visari Falls,  Vishari Ella,  Vishari Falls,  Wisari Ella,  Wisari Falls,  Wishari Ella,  Wishari Falls

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Map of Alikola Oya North Falls (Wishari Ella), Sri Lanka

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Traveling Directions to Alikola Oya North Falls (Wishari Ella) , Sri Lanka

Alikola Oya North Falls (Wisari Ella)
Road to Alikola Oya North Falls (Wisari Ella)

The road to the Wisari Ella falls is rough and should not be attempted in a car. This road is not mapped on google maps. But the easily identifiable due to the recently installed large bill board on Wisari Ella.

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A Google earth KMZ file can be downloaded here

Route from Colombo to Alikola Oya Ella (up to Hunuketiya)Route from Bandawawela to Alikola Oya Ella (up to Hunuketiya)
Through : Horana – Ratnapura – Balangoda – Beragala – Wellawaya
Distance : 218 km
Travel time : 4.5 – 5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Ella
Distance : 32 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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