Araththana Rajamaha Vihara Tampita Viharaya – අරත්තන පුරාණ රජමහා විහාර ටැම්පිට විහාරය

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Arattana Tampita Viharaya
Arattana Tampita Viharaya
image source : ‘The Upcountry Repository of Buddhist Art – The Tampita Vihara of Sri Lanka’ By Ganga Rajinee Dissanayaka

Arattana Tampita Viharaya is also known as Bogahakotuwa Viharaya. It is said that this temple was built with the initiative of villagers of Arattana thus the name Arattana for the temple.

The Tampita Viharaya of this temple is built on six stone stumps measuring 2 feet above the ground. This viharaya has been renovated in 1815 by a priest called Dumpola Thero. The Bo tree you see today too has been planted by this thero. The painting inside the image house has been restored in 1982 by the Department of Archaeology.

The seated Buddha image inside the Tampita Vihara-Ge is similar to  those found at Gadaladeniya Rajamaha Viharaya. Among the other paintings fifteen disciples can be seen drawn on the inner wall.

The temple is found on the village of Eladetta in Kandy. The road leading to the temple commences from the Ambalama at Daulugala and is called Eladetta road. The temple is located about 1 km from this junction.


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Map of the Araththana Rajamaha Vihara Tampita Viharaya

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Driving Directions to Araththana Rajamaha Vihara Tampita Viharaya (Kandy)

Route from Kandy to Araththana Rajamaha Vihara Tampita Viharaya

Though : Peradeniya
distance : 14 km
Travel time : 30 mintutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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