Veherabendigala Archaeological Ruins at Yan Oya Reservoir (යාන්ඔය වෙහෙරබැඳිගල පුරාවිද්‍යා භූමිය)

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Yan Oya is a large river that starts from Ritigala mountain range in Anuradhapura and feeds from Ritigala and Huruluwewa reservoirs. The river flows to sea from Kallarawa in Trincomalee after enriching Galenbindunuwewa, Morakewa, Horowpathana, Rathmale, Kapugollewa, Kahatagoslawa and Gomanarnkadawala areas.

The main dam of Yan Oya reservoir has been built by connecting the natural mountain ranges, and the reservoir, which is being built in 4 parts connecting Horowpathana “Yakinikanda” and “Veherabandhi Kanda” in Gomarankada, is estimated to submerge about 4100 hectares of land. .

The water capacity of the reservoir is nearly 140,000 acre feet. Its main dam is 1.2 km long and the total length of the four grid dams built to control water safety and wastage is 5.6 km.

This archaeological site can be seen near the starting point of Yanoya Second Dam. Here you can see a collapsed stupa and the remains of an ancient Buddhist aramic complex probably belonging to the Anuradhapura era. Among these ruins can be seen polished stone slabs which may be asanagharas or flower alters, siripathul stones, koravak stones and Guardstones (muragal stones) scattered on a rocky plateau.

This site can be reached from Horowpathana, or Padaviya. Kabithigollewa


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Map of Veherabendigala Archaeological Ruins at Yan Oya Reservoir

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Traveling Directions to Veherabendigala Archaeological Ruins at Yan Oya Reservoir

From Anuradhapura to Veherabendigala Archaeological Ruins at Yan Oya Reservoir
Via : Kahatagasdigiliya – Horowpathana
Total distance : 89 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Time to spend : About 45 minutes
Driving Directions: View on Google Maps


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