Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya – කබුළුමුල්ල පත්තිනි දේවාලය

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Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya
Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya

Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya lies in Karawanella and is unique in two different aspects to other Pattini Devalayas.  This devalaya has been built by King Seetawaka Rajasinghe in 1582.

Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya is one of the four major Pattini temples which the great ‘Pattini Salamba’ exists. It is said that one of the 2 foot salamba (anklets)  of the 4 Pattini Salamba’s which were brought from India is deposited here. The other 3 are kept at Pattini Devalayas at Nawagamuwa, Medagoda and Hanguranketha.

Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya
Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya

The origin of Goddess Pattini is in South India, but in Sri Lanka, she is worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhists equally as the guardian deity of Sri Lanka. She  is also the patron goddess of fertility and health.

The other unique aspect of this devalaya is the worship of deity Ganegoda ( Ganegoda Deviyo) with equal or higher importance than Pattini. He is believed to be the re incarnation of king Sitawaka Rajasinghe. Ganegoda Deviyo is a powerful deity feared by the villagers who still overlooks the subjects of his kingdom.

Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya
Annual Esala Perahara of Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya

A surprising fact is that the people living around the devalaya still does not carry out overnight pirith ceremonies for the fear of provoking the Ganebandara Deviyo. The reason for this belief is not known, but this could be due to the fact that king Sitawaka Rajasinghe became a devoted Hindu after the Buddhist priests couldn’t offer the absolution he was looking for after killing his father.

In addiion to the Pattini Salamba,  the temple has a collection of swards, weapons and part of the sandlewood bed belonging to the king Sitawaka Rajasinghe.

The devalaya is located approx 850 meters away from the Karanawella town on the Yatiyanthota road and is open for worship only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

primary source and photos : www.kabulumulladevalaya.org

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Travel Directions to Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya

Route from Colombo to Kabulumulla Pattini Devalaya

Through : Rajagiriya – Malabe – Kaduwela
Distance :65 km
Travel time : 2 hours.
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