Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall (කලුගල ගැරඬි ඇල්ල)

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Height (in metres)200-240 meters

As you travel from Kandy towards Mahiyanganaya on the A25 (known as the Mahiyangana Road) you can see this massive cluster of waterfalls known as the Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall on the left side lying far away towards Kalugala.

There are several narrow and long waterfalls in Sri Lanka by the name of Garandi Ella which means Rat Snake Waterfall. The resemblance of these waterfalls to a slithering rat snake has given rise to many waterfalls being called by this name. The most popular and the well-known is the Gerandi Ella ( aka Gerandigini Ella) in the Tawalantanna area. Another Gerandi Ella in Passara came into the limelight in January 2022 when 5 family members drowned together in the fall.

Some of the waterfalls carrying this name are

Kalugala Gerandi Ella cascades in several segments and to top 4 segments can be seen from the Mahiyanganaya Road itself. The total height of the cascades put together starting from the top of Gerandi Gala is around 200- 240 meters.

It is possible to hike to this waterfall but an extremely strenuous one with almost vertical segments.

This waterfall is not listed in LCWF database


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Travel Directions to Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall

Route from Kandy to Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall ( to the view area on Mahiyangana Road)
Through : Mahiyangana Road
Distance : 58 km
Travel time : 1.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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